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What is “Bully Suicide Project”

March 18, 2010

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Campus Harmony, Inc. is working to bring a new paradigm of peace and harmony to colleges, schools, corporations and communities.

The company’s President and CEO, Dr. Audrey L. Newsome, believes that many violent episodes in schools, corporations and communities, can be traced back to unaddressed bullying situations early in life.

The “Bully Suicide Project” offers, for the benefit and welfare of the entire world, a look into and a discussion involving bullying and how the physical, mental and verbal abuse can be a directive for suicide. We all know that physical abuse hurts but do we truly understand the depth of despair that our words can sink us to? Words kill!

Our mission is to shift the paradigm, change the climate to eliminate bullying in all aspects of life in all corners of the world and to prevent the needless suicides that result from bullying behavior.We are but people with a common voice… Love not hate.

Have your voice heard by standing up for someone who can’t help themselves.

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All donations go toward putting the Bully Suicide Project Program in schools, colleges, corporations and communities around the world in order to eradicate the practice of bullying and words that kill!.

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BullySuicideProject is a NonProfit Organization

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Hello world!

March 17, 2010

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